Oral Surgery

anaheim hills oral surgeryAs an experienced and compassionate oral surgeon, Dr. Soares, along with our team of professionals, provide a number of oral healthcare services to patients throughout our area. In most cases, general practice physicians, dentists, and orthodontists refer patients to our team for quality care. When treating patients, Dr. Soares strives to improve quality of life, oral function, and in some cases, a patient’s appearance.

Services Offered at Our Practice

Common oral surgeries include extractions, the placement of dental implants, bone graft procedures, oral pathology, and corrective jaw surgery. During treatment, our team works to provide a serene and welcoming environment so that all our patients feel welcome and at ease. Dr. Soares administers anesthetic and sedative medication, when necessary, to ensure relaxation and comfort during procedures.

When it comes to tooth extraction, we remove teeth that have been injured or damaged and cannot be repaired with restorative or endodontic treatment. Wisdom teeth removal is another highly sought after service provided at our practice. Extractions are usually minor oral surgeries, and most patients return to work the day after their procedure.

Dr. Soares is also experienced with implant dentistry, specifically with placing implants for single tooth replacement or implant supported dentures. Dental implants are the best available option for replacing lost teeth in adulthood. They can last for a lifetime and are incredibly durable, allowing patients to eat their favorite foods while enjoying the appearance of a complete smile.

Other procedures we offer include bone grafting treatments, which help combat bone loss or address deformities. For patients with malocclusions such as overbites or open bites, corrective jaw surgery may be necessary when orthodontic treatment is not enough. We also provide pathology services for the detection of conditions such as oral cancer.

Whatever your oral surgery needs may be, our professional team will work diligently to help you reclaim your oral health.