Bone Grafting

anaheim hills bone graftingDue to the availability and effectiveness of bone grafts, more patients are eligible for receiving dental implants. In the past, a patient’s candidacy for dental implants was largely determined by their bone health. Patients lacking adequate bone density were unable to support the titanium post of an implant.

An Overview of Bone Grafting Procedures

A bone graft is similar to other types of tissue grafts. For example, skin grafts are quite common and theoretically similar to the process of bone grafting. When a patient requires additional bone, extra bone from another area of the body such as the hip or bone from a tissue bank is surgically attached to the jawbone. After the healing process is complete, Dr. Soares will begin the implantation process.

Bone grating is often required along the upper jawbone. This is because the region of the upper jaw is located near the sinus passages and is typically too thin to support an implant. By thickening and widening the jawbone near the sinus passageway, Dr. Soares can create the necessary bone mass to replace teeth in the upper jaw. Bone grafting increases a patient’s likelihood of a successful implant treatment.

Benefits of Bone Grafting

By improving bone density in the jaws, patients can enjoy a complete smile after tooth loss. Instead of having limited options for replacing teeth such as bridges or dentures, this procedure makes receiving dental implants possible for more patients than ever before.  A bone graft can help support teeth that are still intact, thus reducing the incidence of further tooth loss.

If you are interested in reviewing your tooth replacement options, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Soares. At your appointment, we will conduct an oral examination and review X-rays to determine your overall oral health as well as the density of your jawbones. If you need a bone graft before receiving dental implants, our team will be happy to discuss this treatment option in greater detail and answer any questions you might have.

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